We offer classes on our farm. All classes are designed specifically for you and those you invite to your class. Our goal is to teach you, but not spend a lot of time on the information you already know. This way we curtail our teaching to what you want to learn with the most flexibility.

We offer instruction in:

Fleece to Yarn: We cover each stage of processing a fleece from a sheep through to yarn.

Seed to Yarn: We cover each stage of processing flax from planting the seed to linen yarn.

Knitting: We design classes to include basic skills, how to read a pattern, color work, lace, adjusting patterns for linen.

Dyeing: We design classes to include basic skills for protein or plant fibers, hand painting, mixing colors, over dyeing (fixing colors), and testing colors.

Spinning: We design classes to include basic spinning on a drop spindle or wheel (or both), plying, spinning for color, art yarns, and general assistance.

Adult and Me: These classes are designed for kids and the grown-ups in their life to take a class together. We teach fleece to yarn (kids learn to make yarn from fleece as in our fleece to yarn class), basic dyeing, felting, and knitting.

Cost of classes depends on the design of the class and length. All classes include materials. Adults are free for Adult and Me classes. All day workshops include lunch. Please contact us at [email protected] for further information.