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Great Pyrenese nose to nose with baby bunny

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and we have been so busy, I realize we haven't had much time to write!  But we are truly thankful here for a great many things.  But this is our top!

1. Great healthy kids!  Our kids have their challenges.  I am always humbled watching them daily find creative solutions and thankful they are who they are.

older photo of our youngest humansOlder photo of our youngest humans.

2.  Great healthy animals.  We love our flock, heard, pride, and pack.  Sheep, bunnies, cats, and dogs are all treated like family here.

GP and baby bunny
Ladybug and baby bunny
Patty teaching
Patty teaching spinning

3.  We are able to share our fiber knowledge with others at our studio.

4.  Enfield knitters and crocheters helped us do this!

front of Aker Fiber Farm's Studio
front of Aker Fiber Farm's Studio










Thank you all to have helped us have a very special year!!