Livestock Guardian Dog with Sheep

Livestock Guardian Dogs have a crucial role on our farm. They live with our sheep and protect them from wildlife. Designed to live outdoors these dogs aren’t just a dog to us, but part of our farm team.

We currently have NO puppies available. Puppies are well socialized with kids and adults as well as our livestock. They are registered AKC Great Pyrenees from working guardian lines on both mom and dad sides. If you are interested in being on our wait list for any future litters, lease email [email protected] or use our contact form.

These photos are from our last litter.

*** SOLD*** Badger Male with Black Collar Sweet despite his pic (he woke from a nap).
**SOLD** All White Female Gold Collar. Small but strong she is super friendly and is full of fun attitude. Very curious
*** SOLD*** Badger Male with Light Blue Collar. Strong in build and a laid back personality.
*** SOLD*** All White Male with Light Green Collar. This male would make a perfect match with the dark brown male. Strong and Stocky, laid back personality and should make an excellent LGD. Not nearly as grumpy as he looks…
*** SOLD*** Badger Female in pink collar. She is a sweet heart, curious, and go lucky. Medium build so far but not afraid to take on her brothers.
*** SOLD*** Badger Female with Dark Blue Collar. She is sweet but very mellow and strong. Already taking her bigger brothers down but takes changes in environment and kids in stride.
*** SOLD*** All White Male with Dark Brown Collar. He is quite hard to get riled up. Very even tempered Strong and stocky he should make an excellent LGD. If you need two he will partner very well with the other all white male in the light green collar.